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UnconditionALLY Radiant

Facial Spa and Conductive Gel

Facial Spa and Conductive Gel

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An anytime spa-like indulgence. This facial toning device stimulates your skin for an improved appearance. Indulge in a rewarding 10-minute regimen three times each week for visible results that will turn heads.

Nu Skin Facial Spa and Nu Skin Conductive Gel work together to improve facial contour and make skin look more voluminous. This powerful device stimulates and tones your skin for an improved appearance. All in just 10 minutes a day, three times a week.


Benefits and Key Features

  • Stimulates skin for improved appearance.

  • Provides facial toning, improving facial contour and making skin look more voluminous.

  • Features microcurrent technology.

  • Includes two interchangeable conductors that are specially designed to follow the contours of the face while keeping the Nu Skin Conductive Gel in constant contact with your skin. Large Conductor—designed for use during full-face or forehead regimens. Small Conductor—helps deliver current to specific areas during targeted area regimens.

  • Designed with a modern, sleek user interface.

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